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  1. Lederhosen Socks long

    Lederhosen Socks long


    No authentic Bavarian costume would be complete without an official pair of lederhosen socks. These sturdy and durable white socks come up to the knee and are paired perfectly with your Kniebund (knickers) lederhosen or shorts. Learn More
  2. Lederhosen Socks short

    Lederhosen Socks short


    You should get some short lederhosen socks for the hot summer months. These socks are knit in the traditional Bavarian braid pattern. The heel is enforced and very durable. Made out of 100% cotton, these socks provide you with the comfort and coziness that you are requesting. The color is an off white and the traditional color for German clothing. Learn More
  3. Plattler Socks green

    Plattler Socks green


    The most authentic socks to go with your Plattler lederhosen are the 2 piece Plattler socks, which are called Wadlstrumpf in Bavaria. The socks consist of a low cut sock knitted in a braid pattern and the Wadlwarmer that goes around the calf (Wadl = Bavarian word for calf). The color of this pair of lederhosen socks is creme and green. Sizing on these is one size fits all. Learn More
  4. Plattler Socks brown

    Plattler Socks brown


    The Miesbacher Tracht which is famous for its Plattler lederhosen has a certain style of socks that goes with it. Those lederhosen socks are generally called Loferl or Wadlstrumpf. Miesbach is a city in upper Bavaria (Oberbayern). This pair is in creme and brown color. The socks are made in the famous and traditional braid pattern. Generally socks are one piece, but these socks consist of 2 pieces: the foot part, which is a low cut sock, and the part that goes over the calf area (hence the Bavarian name "Wadlstrumpf"; the Bavarian word "wadl" = calf). The socks come in one size only, which fits all. Learn More

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