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Greetings from the Oktoberfest - Lederhosen Shorts for the real Bavarian outfit lover

The traditional German lederhosen has become an outfit of choice for many generations. Especially the lederhosen shorts are the most popular during the summer and Oktoberfest season. Choose from a wide selection from our lederhosen shop. You will find a German outfit in traditional earth tone colors (dark brown, medium brown, golden brown, camel, black, green) , but also traditional style and color varaitions in antique look two tone colors. Throw in a lederhosen shirt and put on some lederhosen socks and shoes and you will be ready to hit home at this years Oktoberfest celebrations. A Bavarian outfit has not only become increasingly popular just in Bavaria but also across all borders, even all the way to the U.S. Wearing a German costume is a macho fashion statement and a dedication back  to nature.

Bavarian Tracht and Gemeutlichkeit

You can match your lederhosen short with any kind of colors and clothing items. Anything you like is fashion in the lederhosen world. Put on a yellow and white chekcered shirt with a dark brown pair of lederhosen, or a blue and white checkered shirt with a golden brown pair of Bavarian lederhosen. You will look fantastic in any kind of combination. There are no real rules about lederhosen fashion. You decide what looks best on you and in what Bavarian outfit you feel the most comfortable. It is all about Bavarian Gemuetlichkeit. Materials vary from cow suede to the high end buffalo nubuk leather. Our lederhosen shop offers so many possible style and color combinations that you willl be able to create your own personal trachten look. You can go classy, traditional, rustic  or sportive. Give it a try and browse our lederhosen store to create your own German costume.

Lederhosen shorts with buttons or laces?

Have you noticed this small but important detail? Some lederhosen shorts have buttons on the side of the legs, some have laces. What is the difference? It is really personal preferrence. So make sure when you pick your own favorite German outfit, that you get the one with the details that you like most. Take a close look, because some details might only be noticeable on the second look.