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Plattler Lederhosen

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Plattler Lederhosen or Miesbacher Tracht

German costumes can represent many different regions of Bavaria. The variety of Bavarian outfits almost seems endless, but certain key features are distinctive for certain regions of Bavaria. So is the Plattler lederhosen or Miesbacher tracht representative for the uppper Bavaria region. Main regions are the Tegernseer Tal, Lenggries, Toelz and the Jachenau. A typical Miesbacher tracht goes with the Joppe (jacket), which depending on the region has different colors. Usually they are grey or silver grey with a stand-up collar. Under the jacket goes the Kettlgilet (a vest) in green color.

Plattler lederhosen shorts come in black color with colorful embroidery (green, silver or golden). Our Plattlers are made of cow sued leather and are most comfortable to wear. Instead of having horn buttons on the side of the leg, the Plattler lederhosen have ribbons in the same color of the embroidery work. Those ribbons are a remnant from the earlier days, when snow storms where howling though Bavaria during the cold winter seasons and people had to wear thick, leg long wool socks that were attached to their lederhosen with those ribbons. Attached to the lederhosen are suspenders with a H-formed breast plate, which depicts the embroidery work shown on the lederhosen or a family coat of arms. The suspender straps are crossed in the back.

Lederhosen socks - Loferl

If you want to look 100% authentic with your Miesbacher tracht, then you have to wear the matching lederhosen socks, which are called "Loferl". They only cover the calves of the lower leg and come in white/green or white/brown color. You can find Loferl socks in our lederhosen shop. To complete your Miesbacher lederhosen outfit put on a pair of Haferlschuh (trachten shoes) in black color.