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Lederhosen Shirts – Highlight for German Costumes

The traditional Lederhosen Shirt style is checkered. All colors are in style. Most common are blue and white checkered, red and white and green and white check. But over the years the fashion trend has mushroomed and more extravagant colors have been added to the lederhosen shirt collections. For that reason we have added a beautiful yellow and white and purple and white checkered Shirt to our collection. You can combine any Shirt color with your lederhosen. You don’t need to distinguish between lederhosen shorts or Bundhosen, or color of your Oktoberfest lederhosen. Any of our shirt colors will make you look stylish, cool or extravagant, depending for which occasion you are getting dressed up in a German costume.

All our lederhosen shirts are universal and can be changed from long sleeve to short sleeve in a heartbeat. You just need to roll the sleeves up and attach the rolled up sleeve with a little lace to a little horn button on your upper arm. The lace and the horn button are in charge to keep your sleeves in place to guarantee a clean and traditional look all evening long. You don’t have to worry that the sleeves unroll and you would look sloppy. It also looks very trendy to wear your sleeves in ¾ position. The material is 100% cotton and all our lederhosen shirts are machine washable. They have a chest pocket for you to keep your beer or food coupons in, so you have them handy when you are in line at the Oktoberfest to get your next ice cold Mass of beer. The sizing of our shirts is very true to US sizes, which means you should order whatever T-shirt size you have by US standards. We offer a size range from Size S to Size 3XL, so you should easily find the right size for you.