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Make a bold fashion statement!

The days are over, when wearing lederhosen was reserved for males only. The self confident woman makes a loud splash these days by putting on a female lederhosen outfit. The shorts are custom made for the female figure and will bring your body to shine. It is a great alternative for women who prefer to wear a female lederhosen costume over the more traditional dirndl dress. All our outfits are authentic and can be seen in any beer tent at the Oktoberfest. The female German costume gained popularity over the last years and became more and more present at beer festivals.

What to wear with your women's lederhosen?

In general: Anything that fits and looks great goes. Wear one of our formfitting tracht blouses in red, blue, green or purple checkerboard or simply a cute dirndl blouse. Or even a plain T-shirt can be a great addition to this outfit. The shoe wear is also very versatile. You can put on some fancy high heels or even sportive shoes. But surely, our Bavarian shoes are the traditional choice of foot wear. We offer them in dark brown and black color and they are unisex. Don't forget to wear some matching socks, which are also available in our store. Long ones for the colder months, and short ones for the summer months.