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There is a certain style of shoes that can be combined with your Bavarian outfit. We have them all in different colors. The most popular colors are dark brown or black. Lederhosen shoes in dark brown color can be combined with any color outfit and actually match green or any brown shade color pants. For our Black Forest outfit we recommend to get the shoes in black color. All our lederhosen shoes are very comfortable to wear, because the cow suede leather is very soft. The sole is made of rubber and extremely durable so you can take long walks without hurting your feet. Some of our models have very elaborate ornament work on them. The embroidery is hand stitched and raises the quality level even higher. The result is an outstanding looking product that will provide you with long lasting joy and pride. The laces are sideways, just the way authentic Bavarian footwear looks like.

If you want to look great at the Oktoberfest, you have to add Bavarian shoes to your wardrobe. You can also wear the shoes for any other occasion and you will still be looking very stylish. Once you have visited the Munich Oktoberfest yourself, you will find out that there are hardly any people anymore that are not dressed up in original German costumes. People like to deck themselves out from head to toe.

By the way: Besides our male customer, our female customers are also buying this kind of shoes, because they are getting more and more popular in the female fashion world. Women combine it with their German costume as well as with their dirndl dress. This is a new fashion trend that can be especially noticed in Bavaria at the Oktoberfest.

Since the leather material used for the shoes is very sturdy and durable, the use is very all-purpose. People wear them to parties, events, beer fests or just for hiking. The leather is sturdy, easy to clean and if taken care properly lasts for many years. You clean them just with water and a sponge. Wipe them clean once dirty and they will look like new again. For bigger stains use a small brush (suede brushes are the best and most commonly used).