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History of the Oktoberfest

It was originated by Crown Prince Ludwig on October 2nd 1810, as a wedding ceremony to Princess Therese and a gift to the citizen of Munich, the Oktoberfest has grown into the most popular fair in the world. Every year millions of people stroll the festival on the outskirts of Munich to consume about 6 million liters of beer and eat 500,000 chickens. Beer was served in glasses for the first time in 1892. Smoking is banned in the gigantic beer tents, which usually fill up by lunch time and close down in the afternoon because they are overcrowded. The festival is launched in the last week of September and goes until the first week of October. Why is it called Oktoberfest since most of the fair duration is during September? Nobody has really an answer for that mystery. The mayor of Munich has the honor to get the festive activities started by pounding a spigot (tap) into a beer keg and the announcing loudly: " The beer is tapped". From that point on hell breaks loose for about two weeks in Munich and the 5th season of the year has been started. The Atmosphere in the 20 plus beer tents is exhilarating, pushed by many show bands and Bavarian brass bands, which play until 12am. After that, people make a move to the clubs and pubs in the city center to party until the sun comes up.

Which attire to wear?

Surely at least 80% of the visiting people wear traditional German costumes. This means for the men to put on authentic lederhosen, which come in shorts or knickers (Bundhosen) style. They combine the pants with checkered color shirts, short sleeves or long sleeves, however the long sleeve shirts are more in style lately. To perfect the Bavarian look special lederhosen socks are worn with matching shoes. We are proud to say, that at you will find the most authentic and biggest selection of Oktoberfest clothing in the entire USA. We also carry all common women's Oktoberfest outfits that are usually worn at the biggest festival in the world. Besides the classic dirndl dresses we have female lederhosen in stock and all necessary accessories to make your appearance one of the most special of all times.